Writer: Johan Peder Muller
Title: My Sun-Bathing And Fresh-Air System
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Athletic Publications Ltd.
Date of Publication: Undated (1927)
Format: 137x222mm

Pages: 128 printed on matt art paper
Illustrations: 54 black and white plates and pictures
Front Cover Photo: “Sun Rose” Statue by J. Ebbe
Binding: Printed duotone boards
Weight: 293gr.
“The good seed sown by my books, which have now been sold to the extent of over a million copies, has borne much fruit, and my ideas on fresh air, skin-hygiene, and a little daily home exercise have been widely adopted. The book called “My System” stated a plan of properly caring for the body to ensure health and vigour which I had evolved after many years’ serious study and practice. I have had the good fortune to receive appreciation and thanks from readers of the book, men and women, young and old, in all parts of the world, who have benefited, physically and mentally, by following its teaching; and I, in my turn, thank them for their kind interest. During the greater part of my life I have studied physical culture, and have endeavoured to arouse the interest of ym fellow-men in it, and especially in matters of hygiene, by the contribution of articles to the daily Press and by public demonstrations, etc. “My System” obtained the wished-for result; it caught the public ear, and I am thankful and satisfied in the knowledge that through it thousands of my fellow-men lead healthier and happier lives, that much sickness and misery have been avoided, and will, I hope, be avoided in the future.”
J. P. Muller

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