1. In nudity there is class equality.

2. Total nudity destroys the mystery and secrecy of sex, doing away with unhealthy desires and perversions.

3. When people must show their bodies in public they cannot remain compacent about remediable defects and deformities that clothing can mask.

4. Sunbathing and exercise in the open air naturally strengthen the body and give it a beauty that can only come from health.

5. The human organism, expecially the glandular and nervous systems need direct contact with air and sun for proper functioning.

6. Clothing is by nature unhygienic, unaesthetic and undemocratic.

7. It is as important to remove foreign bodies, in the form of meat, alcohol and tobacco, from inside the body as it is to remove artificial coverings from the outside.

8. The improvement of the race in both health and beauty, as well as morality, is a goal toward which all nudists should aspire.
Heinrich Pudor (1865-1943)

(Source: Naked as a Jaybird by Dian Hanson, Taschen, 2003, page 18)

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