ISBN-13: 978-1-57181-687-0
Editors: Geoff Eley and James Retallack

Τitle: Wilhelminism and its Legacies
Subtitle: German Modernities, Imperialism, and the Meanings of Reform, 1890-1930
Foreword: Volker R. Berghahn
Language: English

Edition: First Paperback Edition
Place of Publication: New York & Oxford
Publisher: Berghahn Books
Year of Publication: 2004

Format: 153x229mm (trimmed)
Pages:ix+269; Notes on Contributors, 253; List of Publications by Hartmut Pogge von Strandmann, 257; Index, 261
Illustrations: 1 black and white picture; 6 figures and 4 tables
Front Cover Photograph: Arthur Kampf, 1. August 1914 in Berlin (1914)
Binding: Paperback in duotone printed covers

Weight: 382gr.
Entry No.: 2010036
Date of Entry: 23rd December 2010


What was distinctive –and distinctively “modern” –about German society and politics in the age of Kaiser Wilhelm II? In addressing this question, these essays assemble cutting-edge research by fourteen international scholars. Based on evidence of an explicit and self-confidently bourgeois formation in German public culture, the contributors suggest new ways of interpreting its reformist potential and advance alternative readings of German political history before 1914. While proposing a more measured understanding of Wilhelmine Germany’s extraordinarily dynamic society, they also grapple with the ambivalent, cross-cutting nature of German modernities and reassess their impact on long-term developments running through the Wilhelmine age.

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