ISBN-13: 978-3-85165-693-0
Writer: Andrey Georgieff
Title: Nacktheit und Kultur
Subtitle: Adolf Koch und die proletarische Freikörperkultur
Language: German, with an abstract in English
Place of Publication: Wien
Publisher: Passagen Verlag
Year of Publication: 2005
Format: 154x235mm (trimmed)
Pages: 159
Binding: Paperback in duotone wrappers
Weight: 317gr.
Entry No.: 2008005
Entry Date: 17th January 2008


The Proletarian Free Body Culture Movement formed a part of working class culture and sport that cannot be ignored. In this context it was not just a matter of proletarian nudism. Certainly, nothing occurred in the Proletarian Free Body Culture Movement that did not entail naked bodies, but naked bodies alone were not enough to bring the other deeper meaning of “Free Body Culture: to the fore: namely,  the creation of free bodies through free body culture. First and foremost, it was the attempt of the workers to free their bodies from the negative influences of modern civilization and to make their bodies the basis for the creation of a new culture.

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